The Spiders home field is Foothill College Stadium in Los Altos Hills, 12345 el Monte Rd.

2017 Roster

Number Name College Height Position Line Yrs Pro
#0Andy SmithCal5' 10"HandlerDefense1
#1David AbramUniversity of Illinois5' 9"HandlerDefense4
#2Sam AdamsonAllegheny College5' 10"CutterOffense3
#3Justin NordenCarleton College6' 2"HandlerOffense2
#4Jeremy KharraziVanderbilt University5' 6"HandlerDefenseR
#5Matthew CrawfordSonoma State U.6' 1"CutterDefense2
#6Chuck CaoCal6' 0"HandlerOffensive3
#7Andrew MooreIowa State University6' 0"CutterDefense1
#8Brandon FeinNew Milford6' 0"CutterDefense2
#9Tommy AdamsCal5' 10"CutterOffense2
#10Sonny ZaccaroLas Positas College5' 10"HandlerDefense3
#11Jon GreenbergSwarthmore5' 11"CutterOffense2
#12Steven ChangUCLA6' 0"HandlerOffense3
#13Shane EarleySanta Clara University6' 2"CutterOffense1
#16James YeagerUC Santa Cruz5' 11"HandlerOffense4
#18Nicholas AlexanderUCLA5' 10"HandlerOffense2
#21Jackson StearnsSDSU6' 4"CutterOffense3
#23Ian MeyerUC Santa Barbara6' 2"CutterOffense1
#25Jacob SerranoLas Positas College5' 10"CutterOffense1
#31Ethan FalatSan Jose State5' 11"CutterDefense2
#32Mike DirdaOberlin6' 2"CutterDefenseR
#33Ian SweeneyCal Poly SLO6' 1"HandlerDefenseR
#34Evan Boucher University of Louisville5' 9"CutterOffense4
#39Andrew BerryCornell6' 0"CutterOffense1
#42Matt JaffePenn State6' 2"HandlerDefense3
#55Drew KimVassar college5' 11"CutterOffense3
#77Alec SurmaniUCLA6' 4"HybridOffense1
#85Evan BrydonUC Santa Barbara6' 3"CutterOffense2
#99Kelly Van ArsdaleLewis & Clark6' 5"CutterOffense2

Team History

Final Finish: 3rd in West
Regular Season Record: 8 - 6
Post Season Record: 0 - 1
Points For: 370
Points Against: 373
Goals Leader: Jackson Stearns (61)
Assist Leader: Justin Norden (62)
Defensive Leader: Brandon Fein (26)

Final Finish: 5th in West
Regular Season Record: 5 - 9
Points For: 334
Points Against: 359
Goals Leader: Sean Ham (57)
Assist Leader: Kelly Van Arsdale (43)
Defensive Leader: Kelly Van Arsdale (15)

Final Finish: 1st Overall
Regular Season Record: 10 - 4
Post Season Record: 3 - 0
Points For: 408
Points Against: 373
Goals Leader: Beau Kittredge (68)
Assist Leader: Marcelo Sanchez (46)
Defensive Leader: Beau Kittredge (26)

2014 Inaugural Season
Final Finish: 1st Overall
Regular Season Record: 13 - 1
Post Season Record: 3 - 0
Points For: 473
Points Against: 340
Goals Leader: Simon Higgins (51)
Assist Leader: Ashlin Joye (56)
Defensive Leader: Beau Kittredge (34)

Team Stats

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Why is the team named the Spiders?

The name Spiders comes from an internet term for bots that crawl through the web and collect data for search engines. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, the team name is a tribute to the great tech tradition that has been a part of Silicon Valley for the past 65 years.