Alcohol service at Foothill College Stadium

Policy and procedure for beer service at Foothill College Stadium

Rules and Policies
1. No underage drinking is allowed.
2. No fake ID's.
3. No disorderly conduct.
4. You may not enter the field at anytime unless directed by Spiders Staff. This includes after the game has ended.
5. Patrons will be expected to leave the stadium after the game has ended in a timely fashion.
6. You may not bring your own alcoholic beverages into the stadium.
7. You may not leave the stadium with unfinished alcoholic beverages.
8. You may only consume beer inside the stadium, no alcohol is allowed on the Foothill College campus.
9. No unduly loud or vulgar behavior will be allowed at the games.
10. No gambling will be allowed at the games.
11. Do not disrupt other fans, use inappropriate language, or throw any object, food, or beverage.
12. No drinking games or card games.
13. You must be in control of yourself at all times.
14. No smoking.
15. You can not bring cans or glass bottles regardless of contents.
Note that there are active duty police officers present at all games.

Alcohol Guidelines
1. Patrons must present ID and wear a wrist band when purchasing or consuming alcohol.
2. You will only be able to purchase 2 beers each time you enter the line to get beer.
3. Alcohol service starts 30 minutes prior to the start of the game and ends before the start of the fourth quarter.
4. Patrons will be allowed to consume their beverages anywhere that fans have access inside the stadium as long as they follow the rules described above.

Fan Responsibility
The Spiders consider it a privilege to be able to serve alcohol at Foothill College stadium. In order for us to maintain that privilege, we need you to adhere to all of the policies outlined above. Thank you for following our alcoholic beverage service policy and we hope that we can continue serving you for many seasons to come.

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