Spiders get the 22-24 upset win over San Francisco

Photos by Brendan Yee

In what may be the best game played at Foothill College to date, the San Jose Spiders defeat their cross-town rival the San Francisco Flamethrowers 22-24. While the Spiders defensive line was able to turn the game around late in the 3rd quarter, it was the Spiders offense the kept the game within striking distance till the end. While the early rain and cold weather may have kept some of the fans at home, the stands were louder than ever as the Spiders fought for every possession all the way till the end.

The standouts in this game were Ethan Falat, Jackson Stearns and Justin Norden. Ethan led the D line with 3 blocks including a goal saving layout poach D late in the third quarter. Jackson Stearns was the Spiders leading goal scorer with 7. This match Jackson looked confident with the disc. He curbed the rushed hucks that he had in the previous matchup and let the Spiders handlers feed him for the endzone scores. Meanwhile, Justin led the Spiders handler core, throwing 8 assists on 67 completions.

Other notable standouts were Tommy Adams who had a great defensive night, chalking up 3 blocks of his own. Steven Chang was super solid along side Justin as a handler. Steven was aggressive on his upline cuts moving the disc down field from the handler position leading to a 4 goal, 4 assist stat line.

In most upsets, the underdog jumps out to an early lead and spends the rest of the game trying to hold on. But in this game the Spiders had to fight back and come from behind in the third quarter to clinch the victory. The Spiders still trailed 17-15 with 3:50 left on the clock in the 3rd. They earned a break after that to close within 1 but they completely changed the momentum at the end of the quarter with what had to be the play of the game.

With the Spiders starting on defense the Flamethrowers were able to work the disc to the goal line. But a drop on a tough catch gave the Spiders 15 seconds to try to score and take a 1 point lead going into the fourth. The disc passed to Kelly Van Arsdale who put up a prayer in a match up between Beau Kittredge on D and Sam Adamson on O. Beau came away with the block but Sam was able to scoop the disc off the turf just before it hit the ground. Sam got the throw off to Brandon Fein for the end of quarter break and buzzer beater.

In the final frame, the Spiders started on offense and their o-line was never broken. With the 1 goal advantage going into the fourth they used the clock to their advantage, working the disc methodically and only advancing forward on wide open opportunities. With the clock ticking down San Francisco had to take shots and the Spiders defense was able to capitalize. The Spiders were able to get 1 more break to close out the game in epic fashion.

The Flamethrowers were not without their stars in this contest. Beau looked closer to his usual self. He and Cassidy led the San Francisco stat sheet with an overall contribution of +8. Meanwhile Antoine Davis also had a strong game, scoring 2 goals and getting 3 blocks in the contest. Once again, the San Francisco offensive line spread the disc evenly. The exception was Cassidy who stood out as San Francisco's main handler.

The Spiders won't meet the Flamethrowers again until June 10th when they visit the Flamethrowers on their home turf of Laney College. In the meantime, the Spiders will host the visiting San Diego Growlers on Friday April 21st. This game will feature two former Spiders Sean Ham and Kevin Smith who will both play their first away game at Foothill. Despite some huge roster additions, San Diego fell to their cross-town rival the LA Aviators in their opening day game.

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