12 things to expect at a San Jose Spiders home game

1. A Championship Team
The San Jose Spiders are now the 2 time defending champions of the AUDL. In 2014 they defeated San Francisco in the Western Conference championships to earn a spot at Championships weekend. They went on to defeat the Toronto Rush for their first AUDL title. In 2015 they defeated the Seattle Cascades to defend their first Western Conference championship and earn a second chance at an AUDL title. They went on to beat Toronto and Madison at Championship weekend to win their second AUDL title. They are the only back to back champions in the league.

2. An Exciting Atmosphere
The Spiders have the biggest and most enthusiastic fan base in the Western Conference. Any sport is a lot of fun when there are over 1000 screaming fans in the stands joining the action. The players definitely feed off the energy and love the support. There will be no shortage of action during the game.

3. Great Food
Just because you're eating at a sports game doesn't mean the food has to be boring or overpriced. Three of the Bay's best food trucks will be inside the stadium at all of San Jose's home games. Curveball features gourmet Sliders fixed by Le Cordon Bleu Chef Justin Walls. Curveball delivers sustainable ingredients on a Slider that creates a taste extravaganza. Judie's Tacos Locos is a family owned business on the move throughout the Bay Area. Expect excellent service and unbeatable prices. They always like to KEEP IT LOCO!

Looking to satisfy that sweet touch. Scoops San Jose will be serving up Ice Cream all season long. Scoops was one of our favorite trucks last year and we're excited to have them back with us in 2015. How can you ever go wrong with ice cream? Sports, Food, what else do you want, or that's right.

4. Beer
For the first time, the Spiders will be able to provide beer service at all of our home games. You will be able to get a 16 oz brew for $6 with your choice of "Tied House Alpine Gold" from the South Bay's original Microbrew or a Gordon Biersch Pilsner. So sit back, relax and grab a beer with your friends and enjoy the game. Please read and follow the Spiders responsibility and beer policy. We're super excited to provide beer service and we want to continue to have that privilege at Foothill College for as long as possible.

5. T-Shirt Web Launcher
We're pretty sure we are the only professional sports team that launches t-shirts into the stands with a spider web t-shirt launcher. Even players on the team get in on the act, launching t-shirts into the crowd, or sometimes over the crowd. T-shirts are the Spiders signature practice jersey. Thanks to our title Sponsor, Lightspeed Venture Partners, we'll be giving away 100 t-shirts this year.

6. Play Catch with Ashlin Joye
It's hard to explain why people love playing catch with Ashlin Joye but this throwing game really attracts a crowd. There is definitely a challenge to the game and kids put in a lot of effort just to make one shot. Get $5 off our merchandise booth if you make it but you only get three chances to win. That doesn't mean you can't take a shot every game.

7. Halftime entertainment
Have a friend that you want to challenge at one of our games, sign up for the halftime speed challenge. Every game we choose two contestants to compete in this foot race and throwing game to see who is faster and who has better aim. The rules are simple, two contestants start at one endzone each with three discs. The first contestant to put one of their discs through the goal posts on the opposite side of the field wins. Got four people, you can race as a two person relay. There's no pressure, you'll only have every person in the stadium watching you! Of course there's a prize for the winner.

8. One Shot at Glory
At the end of the third quarter we will once again feature our "one shot at glory" disc game. Wear the Spider mask and try to catch a towering blade from one of the Spiders players. Catch the disc with the web before it touches the ground to win a Spiders disc, hat, or t-shirt. This is a lot harder than it looks. Don't believe us, come out to a game and try it for yourself. Remember, you only get one shot. Let us know if it's someone's birthday, or nominate your buddy if you want to try to embarrass them at the game.

9. Free Discs
We've got players signing discs on the fields and tossing them into the stands all year. There's no need to fight over them, there will be plenty to go around. This year the Spiders will be giving away 225 discs from Affymetrix. That's more than 25 discs a game. And if you miss out, there's always a chance to pick one up at the Merchandise booth. Players are always happy to sign them after the game.

10. The Speed Test
This is one of the most popular activities at the Spiders game. There's a net. There's a radar gun. There's a stack of discs. Grab a disc and throw it as hard as you can at the net and check your speed. We'll be tracking the top throws each game for each type of throw, forehand, backhand, and hammer. 40 mph is slow, 50 is good, 60 mph is amazing. The fastest throw will win a prize. Best done with friends.

11. The Flycatcher Game
Yes we have a giant spider web with velcro on it. Yes it will catch tiny discs with velcro on them. We're doing a new twist on the flycatcher game. This year, two Spiders will be racing down the track with the web and fans will be throwing discs from all over the stadium trying to get them caught in the web. Get your disc caught in the web and you'll win a Spiders t-shirt or disc. To participate get a disc from the ticket or merchandise booth for $1 each. Best to buy 2.

12. Meet the Players
Few sports offer a chance to mingle with the players like you can at a Spiders game. This year, players will be coming into the stands to sign autographs and take photo ops. You'll be amazed at how many kids have autograph collections in books or on discs trying to get an autograph from every player on the team. There's nothing like having your kids meeting the hero who made all those amazing players during the game and getting a picture with them after the game. Games are even more fun once you get to know the guys on the team and we have some amazing role models for the kids.