James Yeager - Player Bio

James Yeager #16
Height: 5' 11"
College: UC Santa Cruz
Years Amateur: 17
Years Pro: 6
Position: Handler

James Yeager returns to the Spiders for his second year playing for the team. A veteran of the pro game, Yeager played four years with the San Francisco Dogfish of the MLU before joining the Spiders in 2017 James played as a defensive handler for the Spiders squad in 2017 acting as a much needed reliable handler for a d-line that struggled getting goals after getting a turn. He is expected to return to that role in 2018 with a much improved defensive roster.

2017 Stats Games:
Points Played:
Goals: 0
Assists: 8
Blocks: 2

2016 Stats Games:
Points Played:

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