Jackson Stearns - Player Bio

Jackson Stearns #21
Height: 6' 4"
College: SDSU
Years Amateur: 10
Years Pro: 4
Position: Cutter

Jackson Stearns is returning to the Spiders for his 3rd season with the team. Stearns first joined the team in 2016 after playing 2 years with the San Francisco Dogfish. At 6' 4" Jackson is a matchup problem for any defense, and he proved it by leading the Spiders in goals scored with 61. He played in all but 1 game for the Spiders in 2017, rolling his ankle on a Friday night game in Seattle and sitting out the match against Vancouver the next day. He led the team in points played with 343, almost all on the offensive line. In 2017 he signed a 2 year contract extension.

2017 Stats Games: 14
Points Played: 343
Goals: 61
Assists: 23
Blocks: 10

2016 Stats Games: 10
Points Played: 265
Goals: 24
Assists: 20
Blocks: 6

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