Shane Earley - Player Bio

Shane Earley #4
Height: 6' 2"
College: Santa Clara University
Years Amateur: 7
Years Pro: 2
Position: Cutter

Shane Earley returns to the Spiders playing in his second season with the team. Shane is the second player to come out of the Santa Clara University to join the Spiders. In 2016 he made his pro-debut for the San Francisco Dogfish and was one of their top players.

Shane had a break out performance in 2017 and was named Spiders rookie of the year. It wasn't clear where he would play at the start of the season but coach Grant quickly recognized him as a key offensive starter. During the 2017 season he scored 46 goals, second only to Jackson Stearns. As much as the Spiders handler core is known for consistant play and high percentage throws, Shane helped with some amazing bail out grabs that could have easily been turnovers.

2017 Stats Games: 12
Points Played: 262
Goals: 46
Assists: 12
Blocks: 2

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