Steven Chang - Player Bio

Steven Chang #12
Height: 6' 0"
College: UCLA
Years Amateur: 9
Years Pro: 4
Position: Handler

Steven Chang is playing in his 4th season with the San Jose Spiders. Steven joined the team in 2014 and was one of their top possession oriented handlers. He played 1 season with the Los Angeles Aviators in 2015 before returning to the team in 2016. Since then he has been one of the Spiders best and perhaps under appreciated players.

While he didn't put up huge stats like Justin Norden, his 97% completion rate is near the top on the team. The combination of Chuck Cao, Justin Norden, Sunny Zaccaro, and Steven Chang made San Jose one of the top offensive teams in the league.

2017 Stats Games: 12
Points Played: 320
Goals: 18
Assists: 30
Blocks: 4

2016 Stats Games: 10
Points Played: 249
Goals: 22
Assists: 19
Blocks: 3

2015 Stats - Los Angeles Games: 12
Points Played: 259
Goals: 8
Assists: 33
Blocks: 4

2014 Stats Games: 8
Points Played: 175
Goals: 20
Assists: 10
Blocks: 2
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