Kelly Van Arsdale - Player Bio

Kelly Van Arsdale #99
Height: 6' 5"
College: Lewis and Clark College
Years Amateur: 8
Years Pro: 2
Position: Cutter

Kelly joined the Spiders in 2015 and was part of the team's championship squad playing as a defensive cutter. In 2016 he debuted as one of the Spiders most dominant cutters totaling 37 goals, second only to Sean Ham. Surprisingly for a cutter he also led the team in assists with 43 ahead of both Kevin Smith and Chuck Cao who both had 42. Despite his fantastic numbers, his 87% completion rate is a clear area of improvement for the 2017 season. He was able to get a number of those turnovers back as Kelly also led the team in blocks in 2016 with 15. With so much versatility it will be interesting to see how coach Tyler incorporates Kelly into the 2017 Spiders lineup.

2016 Stats Games: 12
Points Played: 311
Goals: 37
Assists: 43
Blocks: 15

2015 Stats Games: 10
Points Played: 149
Goals: 11
Assists: 5
Blocks: 6
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