Drew Kim - Player Bio

Drew Kim #55
Height: 5' 11"
College: Vassar college
Years Amateur: 10
Years Pro: 3
Position: Cutter

Drew is a Ultimate veteran in the pro and amateur level. He began his Ultimate career his junior year while studying abroad at University of Sydney. A meniscus tear kept him away from the game when he returned but he picked up the game again while abroad in Korea. In 2007 he started moving up the ladder of Bay Area open and mixed club teams before joining the top level mixed club team Mischief and open team Boost.

In 2013 he was signed to the newly formed pro Ultimate team the San Francisco Dogfish of the MLU. The 2013 Dogfish were one of the best teams to play in the Bay Area's pro-scene and they ended their season in the MLU championships, runners up to the Boston Whitecaps. In 2017 Drew joins the Spiders in his first year in the AUDL after passing through the Spiders long tryout process. He will play as an offensive cutter for the team.

In addition to playing Ultimate with the Spiders Drew is attending UCSF's Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

2016 Stats Games:
Points Played:

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