Matt Jaffe - Player Bio

Matt Jaffe #42
Height: 6' 2"
College: Penn State
Years Amateur: 8
Years Pro: 3
Position: Cutter

Matt honed his skills at Penn State where he was a team leader and earned 1st Team All Region Honors in 2012. That same year, Matt won an AUDL title with the Philadelphia Spinners in the League's first year. He was the only player to win two AUDL titles with two different teams.

Jaffe attended Spiders tryouts in 2014 and made the cut in 2015 as one of the Spiders reserve players. Despite his role as a reserve he played in 12 games. In 2016 he moved to the Spiders starting roster. Matt is a tall handler with the quickness and speed to play defense. In 2016 he filled in as a cutter and is probably going to transition to a full time defensive cutter in 2017. But his array of throws give him a versatile skill set that will make him very important to the team.

2016 Stats Games: 8
Points Played: 146
Goals: 7
Assists: 3
Blocks: 6

2015 Stats Games: 12
Points Played: 165
Goals: 3
Assists: 5
Blocks: 6

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