Matthew Crawford - Player Bio

Matthew Crawford #5
Height: 6' 1"
College: Sonoma State University
Years Amateur: 6
Years Pro: 2
Position: Cutter

Matthew Crawford was a highly talented player from Sonoma State best known for his athleticism and defensive prowess. He joined the Spiders in 2014 to shore up the Spiders defensive line. In 2016 Matt transitioned to the offensive line where he rung up 18 assists. A two way player Matt also got 9 blocks in 9 games sharing time between the o-line and d-line.

Matthew is a Northern California native who grew up in Monterey. An outdoor enthusiast, he has a passion for all kinds of sports, and he played Basketball in middle school and high school. Upon attending Sonoma State University, Matthew joined the Sonoma Ultimate Club Team, Grapes of Wrath, late in his Junior year. When he joined the team it was still transitioning into a competitive program and he was named co-captain his senior year and in only his second year with the team he helped lead the team to their best finish ever at Nor Cal Sections.

2016 Stats Games: 9
Points Played: 185
Goals: 9
Assists: 18
Blocks: 9

2015 Stats Games: 12
Points Played: 162
Goals: 8
Assists: 11
Blocks: 5

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