Steven Chang - Player Bio

Steven Chang #12
Height: 6' 0"
College: UCLA
Years Amateur: 8
Years Pro: 3
Position: Handler

Steven Chang is back for his 3rd season with the San Jose Spiders. Steven joined the Spiders in 2014 and was one of their top possession oriented handlers but he didn't finish out the season due to injury. In 2015 he joined the Los Angeles Aviators and was the Aviators top handlers. He led the Aviators in assists with 33 and his 528 completions were 200 more than anyone else on the squad.

Last year Steven returned to San Jose as one of the teams top offensive handlers. He continued to be one of the team's most reliable throwers with a career high 97% completion rate with 19 assists on 280 passes. This year he will join Chuck Cao as part of the teams offensive handler core.

2016 Stats Games: 10
Points Played: 249
Goals: 22
Assists: 19
Blocks: 3

2015 Stats - Los Angeles Games: 12
Points Played: 259
Goals: 8
Assists: 33
Blocks: 4

2014 Stats Games: 8
Points Played: 175
Goals: 20
Assists: 10
Blocks: 2
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