Evan Brydon - Player Bio

Evan Brydon #85
Height: 6' 3"
College: UCSB
Years Amateur: 9
Years Pro: 2
Position: Cutter

Evan began his playing career with UC Santa Barbara in 2009. He was the team's captain in 2012 and earned First Team All Region Honors. While in Santa Barbara he also played for the Santa Barbara Condors in the club circuit, the top club team in Southern California. In 2014 he moved to the Bay Area and joined the San Francisco Dogfish of the MLU. That season he was named Defensive player of the year.

Evan signed with the Spiders in 2016 and made an immediate impact on the defensive line. His 12 blocks were third on the team and was fourth in blocks per point. He is a versatile multiway player, getting playing time on both the o-line and d-line gathering 14 goals with his 12 blocks in 2016. Expect Evan to continue to lead the defensive line in 2017 as one of the Spiders tall defensive cutters.

2016 Stats Games: 10
Points Played: 185
Goals: 14
Assists: 5
Blocks: 12
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